Music video procution

Without a doubt, music is one of the biggest parts of our culture. New, interactive and motion picture technologies are making music work its magic like never before. Music video production today is much more than just sound bites or video clips that we used to watch back in the ’90s - it encompasses a whole new world of story-telling, interactive tools and performances.

With such incredibly fast growth the entertainment industry has experienced, almost every filmmaker is trying himself in music video production. But not all videographers realize that technology and people are changing as well. Consumers don’t want to just listen to music or watch a performance nowadays - they want to be a part of it. These days, people don’t buy CD’s and DVD's, they buy experiences. As an ever evolving production company, at Inhale Films we understand the desires of both musicians and consumers. We utilize story-telling and interaction technologies in our film production to create experiences for all senses.